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Full service advertising agency based in 2007. Included in the top digital-agency Russian version Tagline. The Agency has already implemented more than 250 projects. The main specialization of the agency are integrated strategies brand presence on the Internet. Agency staff know what tools should be used
in depending on the objectives and scope of your business
and are able to achieve their goals
with minimal cost. The Agency conducts regular breakfasts for pharmaceutical sector,
and also has unique experience in the preparation of the program for the promotion of Rx-drugs. The main principles of Talo is focus on sales and profitability of advertising for clients. This is one of the few agencies with expertise in all advertising channels,
in including "deep" marketing SEO, CRM
and arbitration marketing.


Roman Kulikov Evgeny Fontalin.

Indications for use

Acute lack of marketing, SEO, CRM, low efficiency of media and contextual advertising. Problems with sales.

Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Full Service Advertising Agency.

how to use

One phone call.
For adults, 1-2 times a day.
For children only under supervision of a senior
brand manager.
The duration of treatment depends
the form and severity of the disease is
from 3 months to 5 years (with heavy
diseases for life).

adverse effects

It does not matter.


Symptoms: sharp increase in sales, high consumer awareness about your products, increase demand and loyalty.

storage conditions

In a dry, sheltered place at arm's length.

shelf life


Terms holidays

is released under the advice
satisfied customers.
Russia, Moscow, Warsaw sh., 1,
tel. / fax .: +7 499 110 63 21
e-mail: info@adcatalog.ru


AqualorSite and mobile app


Akvalor is a natural product based on a sea water, which is the undisputed market leader - people always choose the best. It is a great honor for the agency to work with this product. Thanks to the brand team!


To ensure representation in the network of the drug with updated branding. To attract the attention of...

Livarol®Site and mobile app


We left no chance to thrush! We developed a platform and a several videos to tell our target audience that Livarol is just exactly what they need.


To ensure representation in the network of the drug with updated branding. To attract the attention of...


Androdoz helps many people in family planning. We are helping the brand on the site to tell to prospective parents useful and important information about a planned pregnancy and on procedures for IVF and ICSI as well.

All cases


Galina Scripnik


Thanks Talo Agency and Roman Kulikov for creative approach in finding and selecting a channel for XLS Medical brand promotion.

The market is characterized by means of slimming dense stiff competition and a variety of substitute products .

Individual approach and creative solutions let us achieve the necessary traffic to our website, the time spent on the site and depth of view.

Talo coped with the problem!


Marketing Department


We express our deep gratitude to Talo Agency for conscientious and honest approach to promote our brands, for sensitivity and initiative which is inherent to you on several years of our cooperation. We wish you success and achieve new goals, conquering the hearts and minds of clients. Good luck!


Yuliya Vojk Marketing Manager


Farmamed Company always follows the principle of "high quality in everything." And it's not just our products. We are confident that advertising and the highest quality - it is a manifestation of respect to our customers. Talo Advertising agency has become our assistant, who effectively and with significant savings in the budget makes the most challenging web projects. Together we can easily cope with an ongoing work, and unexpected problems.

Thank you, Talo, for your understanding and patience. High quality, efficiency, flexibility - the main advantages of this advertising agency. Thank you for your cooperation!


Eletskaya U Head of Mediaplanning Department


Thanks Talo advertising agency for quality work in support of our federal promo campaign "Cooking stir"

The agency has fulfilled all the goals, some indicators reaching values ​​much larger than it was planned . We got a good services and mutual understanding with the agency staff who were always willing to help and explain certain points.

We're looking forward to continue our cooperation.

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